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Why should you join vipi at ESCP?

ESCP is educating us to have an impact on  society. Why not start to make a positive impact now? At vipi, we see tutoring as a tool to help each other see beyond the grades to what the knowledge can actually do for us.  We want to inspire each other. We want to help each other. And we want to see each other succeed. Ready to make your impact?

David Elias Kurzmann


David Elias Kurzmann

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Join our team of tutors..

Do you want to access an exclusive network of ESCP’s highest performing students? Actively help to identify main areas of improvement and work together with professors to address issues? Be part of exclusive events? And help many students unlock their true potential?

Together with your PO-Office and professors you will offer vipi classes for students or whole classes.

As a registered tutor you will also have access to our student base to offer your private tutoring on your terms! 

...Become a campus representative...

We are looking for committed students with leadership capabilities to help us coordinate our tutoring in Paris, Turin, Madrid and London.

Together with your local PO-Office and in coordination with professors and teachers you will assist us in organizing and structuring our tutoring offering per campus. You will also work on individual projects and maintain relationships with the school.

...Or join our social media team

We are looking for creative students to look after our Paris, Turin and Madrid Instagram Accounts, as well as for TikTok Content Creators. 

You will produce content, posts and weekly stories and also accompany our tutors in their classes or work on individual projects. 



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Disclaimer: All individuals serving as tutors for at ESCP are volunteers. These individuals generously donate their time and expertise to assist others in their educational journey. They do not receive, nor do they expect, any form of monetary compensation or material reward for their services rendered within this program. While our tutors are committed to providing the best possible assistance to enhance learning, does not guarantee specific academic outcomes or improvements as a result of this tutoring. It is important to note that the tutoring provided through this program is solely for educational support purposes. It is not a substitute for professional educational services or formal academic instruction. Tutors will make their best effort to provide accurate and helpful information, but they do not represent professional or expert advice in the field of education. and its volunteer tutors shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages or any other losses arising out of or in connection with the tutoring services provided. This includes, but is not limited to, academic performance and examination results. Students availing themselves of this service are encouraged to use the guidance provided by tutors responsibly and are reminded that their academic progress and outcomes remain primarily their own responsibility.

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