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Let's be honest: those who read, win. Reading often and extensively not only improves your concentration.

Let’s be honest: those who read, win. Reading often and extensively not only improves your concentration but also helps you to better understand texts, not be intimidated by factual questions, and sometimes know more in class than your teachers.

It’s no secret, but it’s always worth remembering: reading has only advantages. Whether you want to admit it or not. In school and in life, you almost always lose the race against someone who knows more than you or has more experience than you. And reading provides a damn good foundation for both knowledge and experience.

Especially in school, reading more than just the standard curriculum has only advantages:

You will have facts at hand that can improve your oral grades in almost every subject, and most importantly, you will understand why Faust in German class is not about a punch in the face.

Reading is probably one of the most important practices for achieving good and very good grades in German, social studies, history, politics, and physics.

Keep looking for excuses. When you’re done with that, take a look at the list of ten books below and start reading.

The Gulag Archipelago

Alexander Solschenizyn

What no history lesson tells you: While the Nazi concentration camps became world-famous, the world remains silent about the Russian Gulag Archipelago.

Just Mercy

Bryan Stevenson

Want to discover how gruesome REAL injustice is? Wrongfully convicted to die on an electric chair type injustice? Reading this book will show you just how privileged you are. 

Thinking Fast & Slow

Daniel Kahneman

Because you really know nothing about yourself or about how foolish you actually are. 

Brief Answers to the Big Questions

Stephen Hawking

Because it’s about time you understand the world you are living in. 

The Cost of Sexism

Linda Scott

Because literally 50% of earth’s population do not have the same opportunities as do their male counterparts.

Anna, die Schule und der liebe Gott (German only)

Richard David Precht

Because there is so so much wrong with literally every education system in this world. 

Head first learn to code

Eric Freeman

After reading the book, you won’t be able to program, but you will understand how the most basic lines of code work in all those apps you use every day.

Nothing New on the Western Front

Erich Maria Remarque

Because you deserve to know the honest truth about what war does to people. 

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde

Because beauty is not everything. 

Destined for War

Graham Allison

Understand the Thucydides Trap and why world wars happen. Spoiler alert: this is what is currently happening between the US and China!


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